The Buccaneer was bought by Mark Lopez in the Grand Senora Desert in 1998. The vehicle was sitting next to other rusted frames but was in the best condition then the rest.

1998 - 2013:

Mark and Elijah loaded the car on a trailer and brought it back home in Dimworth.

The project was slow and years passed without much work to it since mark was busy commuting to Humane Labs and Research.

In 2006, Mark asks Elijah to move back home so they can live together and get the car fixed up now that he has time, but Elijah tells him he's low on money and can barely afford a car to get a job in the city.

Years pass as Mark grows depressed and without a job. After 2011, Elijah stops replying to Mark emails and never hears from him.


In 2013, Elijah returns to San Andreas and drives up to his old house in Dimworth.

On his arrival to his old house. It appears uncared for and rundown, with the Buccaneer sitting in the same place since 1998 covered in surface rust. Elijah knocked on the front door and Mark answered it with a expression of greif and happiness.

Elijah apologized to his father for leaving him to Liberty City and for becoming impatient with the car during high school. He explains the reason for getting into trouble after high school and leaving was because of the neglect from the job commuting. Elijah then tells him that he cant stay because he had gotten into too much trouble in criminal business and doesn't want to get him involved.

Elijah then gives his dad enough cash to last for the next few months and tells him he will wire him more in the future. Mark tears up and before Elijah leaves the house he hands him the keys to the Buccaneer, tells him to fix it up and that he will always be with him.

When Elijah was leaving the house, tears ran down his face. He then rented a trailer and took it to Beekers Garage in Paleto Bay and works on it for 2 months straight.

Elijah's primered green Buccaneer - 2014

After those couple months the Buccaneer gets restored with a matte green primer.


In January, the Buccaneer gets finished with an interior restoration and a forest green paint finish.


The Vehicle goes through different paint jobs after getting abused through battles and wortorn while the bullet holes get bondo'd and scratches get buffed out.