Prison Mugshot, 1898

Lucas Elijah Riverwood is one of the main protagonists of the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer story.

During the time he was affiliated with his native american wife (jackie) Janet Achak Moreno and Outlaw buddies Arnold Shovelski, Lone Star Dakota Chaska Walker and Black Dynomite Mason.

Lucas's Mother was from Diez Coronas, Mexico, she gave birth to Lucas when she crossed over to America in Rio Bravo in 1866. Lucas's father had died when Lucas was a baby. Sometime in the 1880's he had met a native american woman and fell in love, then got married in 1892 in the Native Reserve in the East grizzlies of Ambarino.

Lucas then left in 1898 to search for work to be able to make enough money to buy land and settle down.

Lucas and LoneStar met up in a small town when a shooting had accured, both LoneStar and Lucas were accused of the shooting and were taken in to be hanged.


Lucas was then chosen to be transported to Tumbleweed when a gang had ambushed and freed Lucas from the prison wagon in Cholla Springs.

Lucas had then found a way of making steady money by hunting in the great plains in West Elizabeth and Bounty hunting alongside gangs. He then had received a letter from Janet that she will be coming from the reserve to reunite with lucas to announce that she is pregnant. Lucas and Janet then get approved from the bank and purchase a house and land for their new beginning.