Jackie Moreno is one of the new protagonists in the GTA Story. She is the Girlfriend of Elijah Lopez.


Jackie met Elijah at Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores. During their second date, Jackie was introduced to Myen Mason. The boss and owner of Saints Row Enterprises. As well as Austin Walker and Zarek Shovelski.


During the summer of 2017, Jackie moved in with Elijah in Paleto Bay, as well as taking part on missions with Saints Row.

Jackie has been added to Agent Ross and Agent Garrisons FIB watch list and was allowed training special forces combat survival lessons for the rescue mission in Bolivia because of her bilingual ability.

in late 2017, Jackie gets married to Elijah Lopez, and is due for a baby (in the game).

In December, a nuclear threat to San Andreas becomes surreal by an unknown organization under the impression of Saints Row. Jackie is rushed to the bunker in Sandy Shores in Elijah's Buccaneer where she stays for the safety of her and the child.