This Content on this page has no connection or canon to the FeaR GTA Universe story. The following is for the Far Cry custom story.

Chapter 1: Far Cry 4

The story and Underworld:

The book of souls is a book that has a portal between the afterlife. if activated with a spell, It will take the user and people in it's radius to a Limbo of the world. The world is constantly night time and empty, except the spirits who wander the afterlife looking for fresh souls to feed off of. These evil spirits can be killed with heat or light, a simple fire of a bullet can put them back to rest.

If a fresh soul were to be captured by the demonic spirits, they perform a ceremony that sucks the life out of them. Turning them into a demonic spirit.

Across the Dark world dimension, there are Oblesks that have portals back to the overworld. Only the fresh souls can open them to exit back to the normal world.

Part 1: Far Cry 4

In this story Player 1 takes place as Elijah Lopez, Player 2 can be any other protagonist they choose.

You start by driving home around 4:26pm, February 2014 (assuming its Friday) after school in the Volvo.

Upon your arrival you call up your friends for a backyard bonfire, once they arrive everybody kicks back and enjoys the evening with talk about school drama and future activities. Meanwhile you bring out a old book your parents collected from your grandparents that passed away recently to tell scary campfire stories to your friends. Upon reading you came across a set of scriptures and chants.

After reading the words, minutes passed and one of your friends kept hearing the sound of a pig grunting coming from the darkness behind him. You and your friends stare into the dark shadow as the grunting got louder and louder. Suddenly a thick black fog surrounded your friends around the campfire, an unknown creature came and dragged your friends away with its tentacles with loud pig squealing sounds and blood spitting from its mouth. You suddenly felt dizzy, couldn't record any longer and passed out.

Hellraiser Creature

You wake up next to the campfire minutes later, with nothing but the book in your arms and your VHS camera next to you (with the choice of a friend on your side in Co-op). The fog clears and seems like a normal night, but it seems too quiet as if everyone in the world suddenly disappeared. all your friends are missing and blood is scattered across the grass. Upon further inspection of the book, You see a map of stars and realize these stars are locations where your friends are being held captive.

You then travel around Modesto, searching and rescuing your friends that are still alive.

In the end you reach the Mall, inside the mall is the portal to exit back to the normal world. inside the mall you and your group gets separated and have a choice in the end if you want to stay with your friends or escape on your own. However non of these endings are real canon, instead you escape with only a few of your friends with the others getting left behind in the realm. You then wake up outside the mall on a normal afternoon and head home, your camera having no actual footage you've captured in the underworld and the book still in your hand. You and your friends then head home with scratches and bruises on your body, to continue your lives as normal.

Chapter 2: Far Cry 5

In chapter 2, you will take place as a new protagonist, (one of Elijah's friends from high school or from work, etc. You). It takes place in the summer of 2018, 4 years since the incident. in 2014, The Project at Edens Gate cultist group have discovered the book has been opened and have been searching for it since to harvest its power and use it against the world as a weapon. in 2018, Elijah has kept the book buried at a location only he and his surviving group of friends know.

The game starts out meeting up with Elijah at his work. on the way back to his house, there are several cars parked outside with a trail of blood surrounding the house and police officers on scene. The police order Elijah to stay away from the house as his family have been kidmapped and it has been ramsacked as if they were looking for something. after Elijah finished greifing, he remembers the book and that he had hid it outside of town, He calls up his friends to meet up at his house.

0. Entry Level

You. living in the suburbs of Modesto, get a phone call from work asking to come in to cover a security shift. On your way to work there are several streets blocked off by police and emergency vehicles around every corner. Once you arrive at work the news displays several missing people.

  1. Unwanted Customers

While on your shift a couple men come in the store harassing customers, You step in to ask them to leave but instead they grab some equipment off the shelf to attack you with. In your defense you take the crazed guys down. The police arrive and take the men into custody. You get sent home after the attack but soon find out your co-worker/friend Elijah was reported missing. You call up all of Elijah's friends, Cristian, Elias, Michael, Austin, Shavin, Matt, Myen, <(Including You Here) to meet up to figure out where he was taken.

2. Meetup at Austins

During the Meetup at Austins House, you guys notice screaming from a neighbors house. You guys see a woman being taken from her house by some guys. In your quick reaction you guys go out to the frontyard and call 911. Unfortunately they notice you and some of them are equipped with guns. Austin opens the garage and grabs a handgun from the gun safe. He hands you the gun, in the heat of the moment a gunfight sets off. You successfully apprehend the men, you hang up on 911 and throw the phone because you find out a few of the men with guns were cops. You and your friends then leave town in confusion and fear.